Medicated Urea Cream (Diabederm 10% X 1.2 Oz.) The Best To Promote Hydration, Treat And Prevent Dry Skin And Effective For The Treatment Of Ichthyosis And Hyperkeratotic Skin Disorder

Diabederm 10% Urea Cream
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  • Diabederm best to treat and prevent dry skin

  • Diabederm Urea Cream 10% promote hydration moisturizer dry skin

  • Diabederm can help add moisture to the skin, restore the skin barrier and reducing the irritation

  • Diabederm for the treatment of ichthyosis, Hyperkeratotic skin disorder and promote hydration.

  • Diabederm: Paint a day 1-3 times by gently rubbing the drug until the drug is absorbed into the skin.

Manufacturer Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic Distributor Bangkok Drug Contents Urea Indications Ichthyosis, hyperkeratotic skin disorders. Promotes hydration. Dosage Apply to affected area once-tid. Special Precautions Avoid contact w/ eyes. MIMS Class Emollients, Cleansers & Skin Protective