7 African Powers Spiritual Incense For Santeria Rituals (1 Oz). 7 Potencias Africanas Sahumerio Espiritual Para Rituales De Santeria.

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  • 1 Ounce per jar. Used in Meditation, Rituals or Mystical Ceremonies. Usado en Meditacin, Rituales o Ceremonias Msticas.

  • 1 onza por frasco. Used in Santeria / Yoruba rituals. Usado en Santeria / Yoruba rituales.

  • Used to Purify Areas with negative energy. Usado para purificar reas con energa negativa.

  • The 7 African Powers are invoked for Protection, Power and Good Luck.

  • Las 7 Potencias Africanas son invocadas para Poder, Proteccin y Buena Suerte.

  • Color : Multi Color

  • Size : 1 oz

Use charcoal (not included) to burn this incense in Rituals or Ceremonies of the Santeria or Yoruba religion. Used to purify areas with negative energy. 7 African Powers are worshipped in several different religious. They are invoked for good luck, power and protection.


Queme este sahumerio en ceremonias o rituales de Santeria o de la religin Yoruba. Usado para purificar reas de energas negativas. Las 7 Potencias Africanas son invocadas para pedirles buena suerte, poder y proteccin.