Allertech 30-1000K4 Vent Guard 4 Pk Vent Guard

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  • EFFICIENT AIR FILTRATION: The electrostatic filter media traps dust and pollen better than other solutions like cheesecloths and gauze, to help significantly lower the number of allergens in the air.

  • ECONOMICAL AND LONG-LASTING: Each pack includes a 16 x 60 roll of filter media with enough material for 20 vent covers and a 30 strip of Velcro for easy installation.

  • VERSATILE DESIGN: The filter media is not precut to any specific shape so you can trim pieces to fit over non-standard vent sizes or use the filters for a variety of other applications.

  • EASY TO USE: The adhesive-backed Velcro strips are easy to remove from the surface of the polyester, making regular filter changes quick and painless.

  • MADE IN THE USA: Our allergy filter kits are proudly made in the USA, so you can be sure that they meet high quality standards.

  • Size : 4 Pack

Effective Allergen Reduction
Even high quality home air vent filters cannot catch many of the allergens being scattered into your space through the duct-work. Thats where the AllerTech VentGuard Vent Filtration Kit comes in. The thick electrostatic polyester material traps fine particles of dust, dirt, and other contaminants to help significantly reduce your chances of struggling with sneezing, itching, wheezing, and all other annoying allergy symptoms throughout the day.

Versatile Value Pack
The roll of filter media can be cut down to fit most air supply vents, including unconventional sizes. One roll can produce up to 20 allergy filters for a standard vent, making the kit an economical choice over the long term. Extra filter material and Velcro strips can also be purchased separately as needed.

Effortless Installation

The vent guards stick on with the included pieces of the adhesive-backed Velcro strip. The filter material has some give to it and can be cut to any size, the vent covers can be used on both the outside and inside of the vent. Placement on the outside allows for easy filter changes, while filters placed on the inside will stay neatly out of sight.

Multiple Applications

The vent covers are not just useful at home. You can take a piece to the office to help ward off sick building syndrome, or cover a vent in your vehicle to reduce the amount of pollutants you encounter on the road. The air filters are also great for combatting seasonal allergies. You can place a piece of material over the screen of your window to help reduce the amount of pollen and other allergens blowing in from outside.
While the kit provides enough material to cover many vents, we recommend covering only a few at a time in order to avoid overtaxing your system, as the filters will reduce airflow slightly.