Azureluxe Cloth Diaper Sprayer - Complete Set Premium Stainless Steel Hand Held Diaper Sprayer Kit For Toilet Attachment With T-Adapter And Hose

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  • Care for your baby. AzureLuxe cloth diaper sprayer provides a simple solution to clean cloth diaper with gentle rinse or jet spray.

  • Easy to Use and Simple to Install. Come with step-by-step DIY cloth diaper sprayer installation manual and accessories. No drilling & no professional plumber.

  • Upgraded to 1.2m or 47 inch antiburst hose. High Quality Material - No Leak and No Rust. Complete cloth diaper sprayer set includes high quality Brass T Valve Adapter, Stainless Steel Cloth Diaper Sprayer, Hose & Hook Holder. Made of high strength, impact resistant, corrosion free materials ensuring durability.

  • Adjustable Water Flow for Different Uses. Water flow is conveniently controlled from Stainless Steel Sprayer. Use as cloth diaper sprayer, also bidet attachment for anal cleaning, feminine hygiene, potty seat bowl cleaning, toilet cleaning, and many more.

  • Customized Box with separate compartment for each component.Sponge is used to avoid damages of these components.

  • Color : Stainless Steel

  • Size : Medium

AzureLuxe Hand Held Cloth Diaper Sprayer Sprayer set includes a Stainless Steel Adjustable Pressure Diaper Sprayer Head, Shut Off T Valve Adapter, Diaper Sprayer Hose, and High Quality Hook Holder to conveniently attach your Cloth Diaper Sprayer to your toilet.

The Diaper Sprayer material is top premium stainless steel. The T-adapter is made by chromed finished brass. The hose is stainless steel 1.5 Meter (60inch) long. The bracket(holder) is also stainless steel, not cheap ABS plastic. Again, the hook is made by stainless steel! This is a true stainless steel set!! Not to be confused with other products that have mixture of stainless steel and ABS components. It comes with hanger/hook that can be mounted over toilet tank without drilling. No professional plumber required. Typical installation time is about 20 minutes to make a workable bidet system for your toilet.

AzureLuxe Cloth Diaper Sprayer is designed ergonomically especially diaper sprayer head. It has adjustable water jet pressure. It can be used as a cloth diaper sprayer, bidet sprayer, shattaf or toilet sprayer for rinsing and cleaning. Ideal for cloth diaper cleaning, feminine hygiene, potty seat bowl cleaning, toilet cleaning and others. Installation might require a flexible toilet connector (less than $5) if your existing toilet is not configured with one.

We hope you enjoy your Cloth Diaper Sprayer from AzureLuxe.