Grovia Hybrid Diaper Shell, Snap Shell (Chiffon)

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  • What do you get when you combine the most modern textiles in cloth diapering with the old-school concept of a waterproof diaper cover that's reusable between washes? The GroVia Hybrid Snap Shell Diaper!

  • Fits 8 to 30 lbs.

  • Healthier for baby, less diaper rash while making less waste in our landfills, save hundreds of dollars each year, and no dioxins!

  • Add absorbency: No-Prep Soaker Pad, Stay Dry Soaker Pad, Organic Cotton Soaker Pad, Organic Cotton Booster, Stay Dry Booster, Biosoaker

  • Fairly and conscientiously made in China

  • Color : Chiffon

  • Size : 8-30 lbs.

The one-step GroVia Snap closure shell style can be simpler to launder and, later, more toddler-proof! Pair GroVia's stylish Shells with any combination of snap-in Soaker Pads, economical prefold cloth diapers, or our eco-friendly disposable BioSoakers to create a simple-yet-flexible modern green diapering system that anybody can change and everybody will love!