Large Led Digital Clock &Amp; Calendar With 8 Alarms For Desk Or Wall

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  • Remote Control For All Functions

  • 8 Separate Alarms

  • Super Bright Display Can Be Seen As Much As 90 Feet Away

  • 12/24 Operation

  • Internal Battery Backup

  • Color : Black

This clock has a huge bright red, easy to read and use big digit LED display- 20 inches wide, with hours minutes and seconds and with the day and date and temperature all on one screen! The remote control controls all functions so never get up from your chair! The clock can show 24 hour time or regular 12 hour time. A total of 8 separate alarms with different chimes are available plus an additional alarm you can set to ring on the hour every hour (except 9pm to 7am). These alarms allow you to organize your day around the important times in your life. No more forgetting what day it is! A quick glance at this LED Calendar Multi-Alarm will remind you. Our week is usually filled with appointments and daily chores. It helps to have a calendar alarm clock handy to help us remember the day and date and remind us of important times. This makes the Large Calendar Multi-Alarm LED Clock perfect for the office, the kitchen or family room. Crystal clear and easy-to-read red letters and numbers stand out against a black background. The clock has a large, super bright display 20 inches wide that shows the time on top with the day of the week, the date and the temperature along the bottom. A black frame completes a very contemporary look and fits in anywhere. The Large Calendar Multi-Alarm Clock with Seconds can stand upright on a table or be hung on the wall. The AC adaptor (included) plugs into a recessed outlet on the back so the clock will still hang straight. The Large Calendar Multi-Alarm LED Clock with Seconds and remote control makes a great gift for an aging parent, especially one with low vision or who has a memory issue. The big digital LED display provides this important information in a way that is so clear and easy to read they are sure to love it.