Mighty Clean Baby Car Seat Protector - Cover Pad That Protects Your Vehicle From Child And Infant Car Seats, Mess, And Pets

Mighty Clean
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  • KEEP YOUR CAR SEATS CLEAN: Protect your car from the spills and mess from your kids and pets. This seat protector can easily be removed and wiped clean!

  • IDEAL FOR FORWARD AND REAR-FACING CAR SEATS: The Tall seat-back protector allows your little one to kick the seat happily in a rear-facing seat and protects the entire seat from the high-back boosters and carseats when it's time to turn them around.

  • ORGANIZE THEIR THINGS! - Handy pockets at your little one's feet allow you to store wipes, their sippy cup, or any other items for your baby, toddler, and older child!

  • MINIMIZE DAMAGE TO YOUR CAR: The padding on this protector keeps your seats from absorbing stains, impressions, and everyday wear and tear.

  • MINIMIZE UNWANTED SAFETY SEAT MOVEMENT: Super Anti Slip Backing prevents your baby's car seat from slipping on your leather or cloth seats, and the protector seat bottom cuts in to enable LATCH technology for your carseats.

Introducing a Car Seat Protector that helps shield your seats from the snacks, liquids, stains, and wear and tear from children, car seats, and pets.

We know that it can be a full mission just to get your children in the car and out of the house! If that means giving them snacks that get crushed into the seats or juice that spills, that's the name of the game. But, no need to let your little ones destroy your mama-mobile or your other cars.

The Mighty Clean Car Seat Protector is adjustable, durable, and will help keep your car in good condition when your kids and pets can't!

Special Features: - Padded fabric and anti-slip technology grips your booster or car seats and keeps them from sliding around. - Protector was designed for use with car seat latches so you can protect your car while you are protecting your most precious cargo. - Works for Front and Rear Facing Car Seats - Storage Pockets under the mat enable you to keep your sippy cup or wipes handy and out of the range of little hands. - High-back mats protect both your back and lower seating.

Clean easily by wiping down the Car Seat Cover with a damp cloth.

Spend less time cleaning your seats and give your car the protection it needs. It'll be so clean, it's Mighty Clean