Zappy Baby - Adjustable Child Safety Locks Latches Straps To Baby Proof Cabinets, Drawers, Appliances, Toilet Seat, Fridge, Oven | 3M Adhesive No Tools Or Drilling | White-Grey

Zappy Baby
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  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Flexible, adjustable length strap works on both flat surfaces and around corners. Secure cabinets, drawers, fridges, toilets, doors, windows - you name it! Industrial strength 3M adhesive stays secure until you're ready to take it off, which is easy and leaves no damage. Additional FREE door wedge!

  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: No tools required! An easy 3 minute job with the guide provided. Simply cut strap to desired length and stick the baby locks to any surface using the very strong long lasting, non-marking 3M adhesives.

  • STYLISH SLIM DESIGN: These soft white, non-bulky cabinet safety locks won't be an eyesore on your cabinets and drawers. Put it on stainless steel or a white surface - and you won't even notice it's there - and neither will your baby! Comes in a beautiful box - great as a gift for baby-showers!

  • ONE-HAND OPERATION: The sturdy, toddler-proof design won't frustrate the grownups in the house. Easily open or close the latch with a single hand!

  • QUALITY SAFE MATERIAL: Made from non-toxic RoHS approved materials for your child's safety. Its durability & flexibility ensures continuous child protection from all potential hazards. **Original Zappy Baby Locks only sold by ZM Syndicate, BEWARE of counterfeits.

  • Color : White-Grey

  • Size : 6 Pack

Sometimes the new crawlers and young curious minds stumble upon interesting things in our very own homes - sometimes things we don't want them to see or touch. How often have we locked ourselves out too when childproofing these places? No more fumbling, no more complicated locks!

This is where Zappy Baby Adjustable Child Safety Locks come in. With our products you avoid the hassle that comes with other ordinary locks. Instead of a clamp or a fastener, these locks use an adjustable strap to keep doors closed. Installing the child safety lock is quick and easy and requires no tools or drilling. Just peel the backing off to reveal the 3M self adhesive and press the cabinet lock onto the front of the door and the side of the cabinet or appliance. When you need to access what's inside, push the button to release. Then, snap the strap in place to secure the cabinet lock again. It couldn't be easier! We will provide you with installation manuals even before the locks get to your home!

Zappy Baby Adjustable Child Safety Locks can easily be applied to almost everything you can think of.

Cabinets & drawers
Bins & trash cans
Oven and appliances
Washers & dryers
Anything else that you want to stay closed

The slim and attractive design gives it a futuristic look and blends well with your furniture and appliances. If required, the locks can be easily removed, without damaging/marking your furniture, by heating the adhesive with a hair-dryer.

What are you waiting for? Get this set while your toddler is running around exploring every cabinet in the house! Scroll up and click Add to Cart!

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